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Bruce Newman's Sundance Journal

Monday, January 24, 2005

Frankly, We Prefer Love Scenes That Remind Us of Edvard Munch

After John Maybury -- a British painter hired by Steven Soderbergh's production company to direct the psychological thriller "The Jacket" -- had cast the stringy Adrien Brody as his leading man, and the willowy Keira Knightley as the woman who takes him home for the night, the director realized he had to show the two beanpoles in bed together and somehow make it look romantic. Or at least not frightening.

"The love scene with Adrien and Keira looks like an Egon Schiele painting," Maybury says, showing off his arty background by invoking the name of the scary Austrian expressionist. "It's the skinniest screen coupling in cinema history. Watching the two of them making out is like looking at a bag of bones and rib cages."


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